Cisco AP LED Status

Message Type

Status LED

Message Meaning
Boot loader status sequence Blinking Green
DRAM memory in progress
DRAM memory test OK
Board initialization in progress
Initializing FLASH file system
FLASH memory OK
Initializing Ethernet
Ethernet OK
Starting Cisco IOS
Initialization successful
Association status
Green Normal operating condition, but no wireless client associated
Blue Normal operating condition, at least one wireless client association
Operating status
Blinking blue Software upgrade in progress
Cycling through green, red, and off Discovery/join process in progress
Rapidly cycling through blue, green, and red Access point location command invoked
Blinking red Image recovery in progress (MODE button released)
Boot loader warnings
Blinking blue Configuration recovery in progress (MODE button pushed for 2 to 3 seconds)
Red Ethernet failure or image recovery (MODE button pushed for 20 to 30 seconds)
Blinking green Image recovery in progress (MODE button released)
Boot loader errors
Red DRAM memory test failure
Blinking red and blue FLASH file system failure
Blinking red and off
Environment variable failure
Bad MAC address
Ethernet failure during image recovery
Boot environment failure
No Cisco image file
Boot failure
Cisco IOS errors
Red Software failure; try disconnecting and reconnecting unit power
Cycling through blue, green, red, and off General warning; insufficient inline power

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